Elisa Williamson

20 years serving on the CUSD School Board...

keeping the focus on student learning and helping Carlsbad become a world-class district.

Experience Counts

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  • Proven Leadership

  • Transparent Accountability

  • Serving with Integrity

Proven Track Record of Academic & Extracurricular Excellence

  • Graduates meeting CSU and UC admission requirements have risen from 52% to 80%

  • More students are completing Honors, AP, and community college classes

  • Music, drama, broadcasting, film, speech & debate, dance, robotics, and athletic programs are receiving local, statewide, and national recognition

Proven Leadership

  • Oversaw major successful school construction projects

  • Served as Board President/VP for 8 years and led development of processes used to set goals and evaluate results

  • Makes it a priority to have a strong governance team; endorsed by former Board Members and the two previous Superintendents

Our schools are a community treasure with a long tradition of excellence and I'm proud to have been a leader in the Carlsbad Unified School District for the past 20 years.


Today, CUSD students and staff face academic, social and emotional issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic; at the same time, we have embarked on a $265 million modernization initiative. Amidst these challenges, my experience and in-depth knowledge will help ensure that decisions are made that lead to all students getting the best possible education in a safe, up-to-date environment.

Help keep our schools a community treasure...

Re-elect Elisa Williamson CUSD School Board

- CUSD Trustee Area #2 -

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